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Gifts - Your Children with Love

Upcoming holidays are the best time and opportunity for giving gifts, especially to our children. Choosing a right gift is not often an easy task. Therefore, while we are looking for a gift for our children, it is necessary to take into account the following aspects:

  • their dreams, wishes, interests, needs
  • the age and gender of the child
  • functionality of the product
  • design of the product and colours compared with their taste
  • materials the product is made of
  • that materials are safe and environment friendly
  • ability to easily and freely move the product through the space
  • additional values of the product
  • the product to be an educational instrument through play, design and function

The planned budget always plays an important role.

I always vote for functional and useful or educational items as a gift. Even for children a small pieces of furniture or accessories for their room can be perfect choice.

Rabbit Chair and Rabbit small chair designed by Stefano Giovannoni
Rabbit Chair and Rabbit small chair designed by Stefano Giovannoni for Qeeboo

Small pieces of furniture that belong only to them can make the children happy. Kids, especially in the lower age groups, want items like those used by adults. Rabbit chair and Rabbit small chair will enable children and parents to interact, play together using the same model of the chair but different sizes. ....

‘Educational’ FURNITURE

If we decide to buy furniture, it is recommended that besides functionality it possess additional values. Some furniture items can encourage or enables creative activities , stimulate fantasy and adventure of our kids. Here are a few examples:

Train shelf Express to Fantasy, Up! Warsaw
Train shelf Express to Fantasy, Up! Warsaw

The shelf „Express to Fantasy” (5 elements) is handmade design for kids made of wood and covered with ecological, non-toxic water-based colors. It is a shelf and toy in the same tame. Every piece has something movable and can be put on the ground or table. This toy has educational function teaching kids to tidy up their space in the fun way. On this shelf, kids can find the place for all their toys: zebras, elephants, puppets, games, magic wands and books even giraffes. Express to Fantasy is practical and full of fantasy piece of furniture which will take your kids wherever their imagination leads them.

Plywood game
Plywood game / Kids table EDU2 LIGHT PLAY TABLE designed by Neringa Orlenok for Edu2 
Kids chair EAMES ELEPHANT Design by Charles and Ray Eames for Vitra 
Coat stand Paradise Tree designed by Oiva Toikka, 2009 for Magis 
Kids table TOURISTE Design by Patrick Knoch for Extranorm 

EDU2 LIGHT PLAY TABLE enables the early education of children between 3 to 8 years old. The structure of the table is made of white laminated plywood. The top is of fortified glass and children can paint, play with sand, create sculptures on it. This is an easier way for parents to keep children’s attention and for children to learn colours, numbers, letters, or shapes.

The kids will like the plastic chair (which was initially developed out of plywood in 1945) like a friendly animal with its prominent ears. EAMES ELEPHANT is primary a toy or kids chair, but can be also a decorative object in any room even outside. It will teach children about animals, colours and friendship between children and their pets.

To teach children to leave their things in place is a difficult task. It will be more interesting for children to keep their clothes on shapes like a cat or a bird. Paradise coat stand is colorful and funny, made of rotational-moulded polyethylene . It will help kids that their room stay clean and tidy.

Powder coated steel side table Touriste travels between a grown-up world and a childhood one. It is a small table and small book storage at the same time. The books, CDs will be in the move but will have their place in the room.

This moving figurative small piece of furniture will be a true “pet furniture”.‎

Small children adore rocking

In the period of growth of the child, it is necessary to pay attention to the development of their motor skills. One of the possibilities are rocking items which increase physical capacity Dodo is a rocking chair with the seating as an additional function. It is attractive in the shape of a bird created in rotational-moulded polyethylene.

Rocking bird Dodo designed by Oiva Toikka
Rocking bird Dodo designed by Oiva Toikka, 2009 for Magis 
Kids chair/rocking chair TRIOLI Design by Eero Aarnio for Magis 
ROCKER designed by Doshi Levien (Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien)2010 for Richard Lampert 

Troli kids chair is made from the polyethylene. It combines three different functions, into a single object. It is a children’s chair with two different seat height options (according to which way up it is positioned) and, turned on its front, it becomes a rocking horse. Playful, colourful and durable, Trioli is suitable for a different generation.

Rocker is with an hourglass-shaped body on two wooden rockers plastic. It will provide fun when rocking or excitement during activities that only children can imagine. This beautiful piece of furniture with the contrast of natural material and plastic will enhance your home.

A combination of furniture elements

The pieces that enable configuration and reconfiguration stimulate creativity so are highly recommended.

Ops junior designed by Jonas Jurgaitis for Sedes Regia 2013
Ops junior designed by Jonas Jurgaitis for Sedes Regia 2013

Ops junior provide possibilities for children to create their own functional disposition of the furniture pieces. Possible configuration varies from the rocking chair, playground to comfortable armchair… Vast opportunities of design with functional construction and pillows enable changes. The configuration depends only on the imagination of the user and can be changed whenever necessary.

Create your environment

The interior pieces that enable you to create your environment are highly recommended ,they increase creativity and satisfaction with the achieved design solutions.

Lamp Taj Mini designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell 
Vinyl wall sticker BD ZOO designed by Büro Destruct for Domestic 
Lamp Take designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell 
Balloon Mirror Designers: Tor & Nicole Vitner Servé for EO
Puzzle carpet designed by Satyendra Pakhalé, 2005 for Magis 
Ceiling lights Memory Set PC1001 Designer:Boris Klimek for Brokis 

BD ZOO is a collection of wall stickers, enabling the user to transform his interior into an area for expression, and becomes the originator of his own decor.‎ The children can create their interiors alone in a group or with parents. The decoration process becomes a game, fan but also creative process and personal expression.

The stickers are easy to position, they are self-adhesive, and you can place them on a wall, a door, a piece of furniture… in your house.

Puzzle carpet can be created and changed in line to the user imagination and needs. The puzzles made from soft expanded polyethylene coupled with polyester fabric.

Kids like balloons. Balloon Mirror is a playful and elegant high-quality mirror, designed by Tor & Nicole Vitner Servé. The mirrors come with the knot in European oak with a fine leather strap.

They will lake playful, amusing, surprising – the Memory collection of ceiling fixtures. With the hanging strings serving to switch the lights on and off, there is nothing to interrupt the illusion of real balloons. This is beauty in its simplest and most effective form.

Inspirational accessories

Children tableware Alessini - Proust Designer Alessandro Mendini for Alessi

Children tableware Alessini - Proust Designer Alessandro Mendini for Alessi


Children tableware set can be a good idea for the present. The attractive box will contribute the anticipation and mystery of the gifts. The small sketchbook will encourage creativity through drawing activities and the set itself will teach kids to become adults.

CUSHION BIRD Illustration by Barbara van den Berg for  Zilalila
CUSHION BIRD Illustration by Barbara van den Berg for Zilalila

The bedding also might be interesting gift for children.

The BIRD are handmade cotton cushions, block printed by a traditional Nepali technique on hand woven cotton. Outside the cushion is unbleached cotton, inside is handwoven cotton cushion filled with feathers. The cushions can be complemented with other items from the same collection (blancket, bedspread) or knitted blankets.

Doodle duvet – single, Eatsleepdoodle
Doodle duvet – single, Eatsleepdoodle

Doodle duvet is unique children's’ bedding, the perfect gift for creative girls or boys who love to draw and colour. It is ideal for writing messages and scribbling doodles on your duvet using the included set of ten wash-out fabric pens. It's one of the best gifts for arty kids and people who like drawing.

When you're ready, wash your colour in the machine, the ink disappears, and it's ready to be re-personalised.

It look like a giant sheet of file paper, and doodle pillowcase to match is available separately.

Creative Toys

Play set archi VILLE, archi PLAY
Play set archi VILLE, archi PLAY

archi VILLE set consists of 6 wooden houses, different in shape and roof angle. It is suitable for open-ended play, learning balance by building a leaning tower and solving visual puzzles. It helps develop gross motor skills, perception and concentration.

With the aim to build a leaning but stable tower child has to watch carefully, think visually and test practically. This way children develop logical thinking, learn about gravity from their own experience, practice concentration, attention and face failure (tower will surely fall apart several times during the building process) as a necessary part of success.


Chessboard in walnut canaletto with grey finish and game pieces in gold calacatta and black marble.‎

This Check-mate is an art object not only for the new version of the classic black and white dualism of the chessboard, but also for the game pieces that are little jewels as they are organic and asymmetrical forms.‎

Personal gadgets

Parrot Zik 2.0 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones designed by Philipe Starck  for PARROT
Parrot Zik 2.0 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones designed by Philipe Starck for PARROT

Teenagers will surely delight nicely designed clock or headphones.

Watch Seiko Volcano designed by Stefano Giovannoni for  Seiko
Watch Seiko Volcano designed by Stefano Giovannoni for Seiko

By no means there should forget Christmas tree and its decoration. We can decide for one of the variants of modern interpretation of Christmas tree like ones of scented cedarwood. Real gift for those who take care of nature.

Christmas tree,Riva
Christmas tree, Riva

These ideas presented here in terms of product types, their characteristics, purposes, or materials can be both yours or may just help you to choose a gift. The gift should be recognizable by the one who chooses it and gives it. The care and attention we express through the gift is often more valuable than the gift itself.