My Choice for SaloneSatellite Exhibition in Rinascente

My Choice for SaloneSatellite Exhibition in Rinascente

The 21st edition, SaloneSatellite will again be collaborating with the Milanese department store La Rinascente, which will select a number of the products designed by the young SaloneSatellite designers for display and sale at the Milan Design Supermarket, in Piazza Duomo, from Autumn to Christmas 2018. Capturing the latest trends, promoting research and experimentation, recognizing and boosting the talent of young designers is the commitment that brings together SaloneSatellite and Rinascente.

This year will be the sixth edition of successful strategy relating to the promotion of the promising designers under 35. SaloneSatellite happens to be the first step in presenting young designers giving them international visibility and direct contact with manufacturers during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. On the other hand, the role of famous Milan’s Department Store is to host the creations of international designers, singled out at SaloneSatellite, offer them to the market and check saleability.

I know that preparation for the Rinascente exhibition is in the final phase because we are close to the opening. Even so, I decided to put myself in the role of Curator of this exhibition with the partial scope. My imaginary role will be only to conduct research of the designs on SaloneSatelitti 2018 and to make my choice of the designs for Rinaschente exhibition.

Even with a partial scope, my role happens to be difficult to choose only 9 designs from all participants and designs with the high level of innovation.

My objectives for selection were:

  • The designs with the high level of originality
  • The product functionality
  • The product with different functions
  • Product suitable for Christmas gift (for different persons) or as a memory from Milan
  • The product made with the variety of materials and realized with different techniques

There is a lot of information that I did not own like: the strategy of Rinoscente for this exhibition, information about space devoted to this exhibition, more information about the designs (package, price, delivery time and conditions …available documentation relating to the product) and many others. In order to finalize my choice, I made some assumptions. One of them is that will it will be more space for exhibitors this year (9 works last year) and that special place will be devoted to the . SaloneSatellite prize winners 2018, so I did not take them in my consideration.

My Choice

New function for plywood

SILA by Zsuzsanna Horvath Photography by Ville Vappula and Zsuzsanna Horvath
SILA by Zsuzsanna Horvath Photography by Ville Vappula and Zsuzsanna Horvath

Sila lamp is a fascinating, ghostly creation which will give the character to your space. This lamp, with extraordinary shape, was realized from birch plywood, thin as a hair. The form of the Sila lamp has been made thanks to the improved production techniques and laser cutting techniques. The ethereal structure of the lamp is using a flexible OLED panel as a light source, nearly as delicate as the plywood itself, making it an ideal decoration for the quiet, cozy corners.

Modern aesthetics and function for the everyday object

Chair Paraboloid by HamanishiDESIGN
Chair Paraboloid by HamanishiDESIGN

Paraboloid chair as everyday object balances modern aesthetics values with functionality. The chair is recognizable by shell-shaped, interesting back with the rope connecting seat and back. Paraboild can be personalized with the choice of the rope colour, material and pattern in harmony with your space. This chair is realized from common materials: a bentwood for frame and rope for the back. The comfort is achieved with the tightened up diagonal rope forming the back of the chair which optimize a user’s back position.

If you decide to buy Paraboild, you will add the personal touch to your space. It can be used alone or in a group.

Abstract and functional

Floor lamp Dorking by Sergi Ventura
Floor lamp Dorking by Sergi Ventura

This lamp is for design lovers ready for unusual design, willing to decorate their spaces to be unique.

An elegant and playful floor lamp wants to light your readings with its big bright eyes. Its prominent tail moves together with the eyes when you adjust them closer or further.

Dorking is a fusion between abstract and functional, which surprises when its prominent tail opens or closes depending on its eyes are lowed or raised. The combination of the bright thin structure with the prominent black tail provides an iconic contrast.

12W LED is the power with which its eyes shine, being able to regulate by a foot dimmer. A decoration piece that will illuminate any space and bring warmth.

Freedom of creativity

Dining and coffee table TRAME URBANE by mat3rialab (Flavia, Giulia and Federico)
Dining and coffee table TRAME URBANE by mat3rialab (Flavia, Giulia and Federico)

The advantages of the TRAME URBANE collection are natural materials, the authenticity of the shapes, the true and unique Italian craftsmanship tradition and the freedom of creativity. Trame Urbane is a product 100% MADE IN ITALY.

The transparent tabletop gives a special quality of the product and allows them to easily fit into various environments.

Trame Urbane is the collection with a personal touch.

Light, shadow and blank space

The spatial object Focus by Yuji Okitsu
The spatial object Focus by Yuji Okitsu

The Focus is for those who are looking for something different. It is mobile, the spatial installation which consists of many flat and lightweight lenses with structure hung from the ceiling. The spatial object changes the position, the lenses sways and rotates gently, diffuse the collected light and transform the interior. These spatial objects create new changeable scenery and introduce dynamics in our space. So, they change our perception of the space which becomes more interesting. The focus is confirmation of the designer’s main theme “light, shadow, and blank space”.

Highly expressive connection points

The stool Sliced by  KALO (run by Ammar Kalo)
The stool Sliced by KALO (run by Ammar Kalo)

Sliced is the flat-packed stool that is easily assembled, celebrates its joints, and achieves a high level of aesthetic sophistication.

The simple three-legged stool is with an expressive, strong yet elegant joint between the stained seat top and the legs. This was achieved by allowing the tubular legs to piece through the plywood seat and follow the surface geometry at the top.

Each of the tubular legs is sliced to reveal the interior, with the top end morphing into a flat piece where it attaches to the seat. This simple cut reveals subtle details in the product, like the parabolic outline around the cut edge which is produced by diagonally slicing through the tube wall.

It’s also dyed with a translucent black stain to compliment the copper plated steel legs.

With this design, the legs latch onto the seat from its top surface and get bolted through, achieving both the required strength but also a highly expressive connection point.

The daily dose of design

Belly roller / Abdominal Roller by kenkō
Belly roller / Abdominal Roller by kenkō

The sport and regeneration equipment are a very specific scope for the design activities.

The sport and regeneration items Belly will fit perfectly into every living room and will merge with the interior of everyday life at home. They are not just pure sports devices; the products will become sculptural objects at home as well.

The minimalist design of the Belly roller is the main characteristic of the product with an attractive form and function.

Selected natural materials as maple wood serve as a base for the geometrical shapes of the roller.

Originality and attention to detail

Le Luminiere collection by Arc. Isabella Garbagnati
Le Luminiere collection by Arc. Isabella Garbagnati

The items from Le Luminiere collection find a flawless balance between solid matter and light. They blend the craftsman’s painstaking attention to detail with the artist’s unerring instinct, forming timeless lamps made from precious and often timeworn materials. The materials used comprise of brass, resin, stone, epoxy glass. Every piece is made using modern technology like laser cutting and assembled by hand.

Isabella Garbagnati melt in her work French culture and Italian creativity, rationality and dream, architecture and design.

Glowing timeless objects gives life to the space. The attention to detail is the technical and aesthetic solution that becomes personal the character of each object.

Design in line with the environment

Fabric panels by Alizarina Silva
Fabric panels by Alizarina Silva. Photo from Alizarina Silva Instagram

Alizarina Silva fabric panels are inspired at tapestry using natural tissues and dyes, studying compositions and colours.

The panels are handmade and then finished with the sewing machine to embroider. The fabrics are dyed by hand and fastened with the natural product in order to create organic works in tune with the environment.

The tapestry becomes a sort of a visual, mental and physical map. They can always remind you on nice memories from Milan.

The design by talented young designers chosen for this post is just my assessment of the most suitable for the exhibition. Looking forward to seeing what will be La Rinascente choice for this year SaloneSatellite exhibition.