My Choice for SaloneSatellite Exhibition in Rinascente

The 21st edition, SaloneSatellite will again be collaborating with the Milanese department store La Rinascente, which will select a number of the products designed by the young SaloneSatellite designers for display and sale at the Milan Design Supermarket, in Piazza Duomo, from Autumn to Christmas 2018. Capturing the latest trends, promoting research and experimentation, recognizing and boosting the talent of young designers is the commitment that brings together SaloneSatellite and Rinascente.

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Functional solutions for outdoor comfort

Designers offer various functional options for relaxation in their design solution for outdoor furniture. You can choose to lay on the sun, to rock, to swing or... What is your preferred option?

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Paola_Lenti_official Summer poster

During the summer there is demand for outdoor furniture. Deck chairs are one of the items from this category, offering the best way to enjoy the vacation.

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10 Best Parasol for Shade Luxury

During the summer for real relaxation and outside comfort an parasol is absolutely necessary. There are other solutions to make a shade, but an elegant designed architectural parasol always will be found near a public garden, cafes, on the beach,  hotels, resorts, commercial and residences premises.

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5 Items That You Must Have for This Season

Even though we are in summer, it is not too late to prepare yourself for this season.

The producers offer the variety of products for outdoor living from furniture, home accessories to swimwear, swimming equipment and so on. There are a few items that I consider as obligatory, for your summer destinations.

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Pouf is a small piece of furniture for seating. It can be made of different materials (wood, polyethylene, metal …...). Although small this item is the inspiration for many designers.  Poufs are designed for casual, relaxed seating for indoor and outdoor use. They can be used to create open-air conversation islands or to extend sofas and armchairs. Thanks to its dimensions they are suitable for the easy change of configuration elements in space and adapt to current needs.  They are affordable in different styles sophisticated or classic and help the user to bring comfortable and stylish seating arrangements.  For the outside use, the upholstery cover must be appropriate. It is desirable that the cover is removable and changeable. The fabric needs to be stain-resistant, breathable, resistant to UV rays and water-repellent.  Sometimes poufs are multifunctional can be used also as side tables, footrest or have lighting incorporated.  Users can apply this piece of furniture on a terrace, balcony and pool area, Spa, on the beach and many other areas.    New material, classical shape The Spanish designer Héctor Serrano changes attractive indoor collection into versatile collection of comfortable outdoor Sail poufs. Thanks to the use of appropriate fabrics in place of the traditional wool dhurrie, he creates a fresh, modern and voluminous outdoor collection. This product can easily adapt to many different open spaces.  Multifunctional item After their success indoors, the Tabour ottomans now include new versions for use outdoors. These large, elongated, oval or square ottomans are multifunctional furnishings that can be used to create open-air conversation islands or to extend sofas and armchairs. The central, oversized "button", white, tortora or anthracite painted serves as a tray.  The material with high performance My lounge chairs are designed for casual, relaxed seating for indoor and outdoor use. The cover is removable and changeable made with Saimaa upholstery fabric. Saimaa fabric and specific moist proof inner material provides especially outdoor use e.g. terrace, balcony and pool area. The Saimaa upholstery fabric has a soft feel and is transpiring therefore ideal for comfortable seating. The material provides high performance in outdoor and other demanding environments. Saimaa is appropriate for light contract, residential, nautical and spa sectors. In addition to resistance to abrasion, the Saimaa fabric offers high colour fastness against sunlight and is also resistant to sea and swimming pool water. The colour options are neutral. The material is washable and 100% recyclable.   Classic accent Gio, designed by Antonio Citterio, is the new series with a contemporary classic accent dedicated to living in the open air..Gio have been developed from solid teak structures with a special antique grey finish, which gives the wood a particular lived-in aspect and silver-grey reflective quality.  The seats are equipped with seat cushions which makes the Gio series particularly cosy and comfortable, offer exclusive colour combinations. To ensure a better insulation from the weather, all the padded elements have a polyester cover with waterproof treatment, and the fabrics are certified for resistance to weathering, UV rays, chlorine and sea spray.  A complete collection includes range of sofas, end units, chaise longue, sunbeds, armchairs, chairs, tables and complements.   Single material appeal Grande Papilio Outdoor footrest can be used as addition to the armchair or for seating  . The items from this collection display their distinctive single material appeal, with a grey anthracite colour polyethylene interlacing that adapts perfect to their curves. The frame is made from aluminium with polyester powder painting finish.  American cake as inspiration  Muffin can be used either as a coffee table or a seat. It has a batch-dyed polyethylene frame available in white, anthracite grey, red, dove-grey, green and bronze. The optional top is in white or anthracite grey painted metal.  Metal in a new form The EMU Re-Trouvé Series by Patricia Urquiola is a bold reinterpretation of nostalgic wire furniture: dynamically patterned curves and airy volumes combined with modern production. Pouf can be used with or without top cushion, as a stool or a side table.  Colour combination A skillful balance of blocks and voids, painstaking care for details, for shapes, for materials and for colours.  The openings in the frame have both a styling and a practical function, since the body of the pouf itself can house books, magazines or other everyday items. Pebble is made of polyethylene and is available in plain white or in a series of two-tone versions.  Designed puzzle Hexagon is a modular system composed of two irregular hexagons supporting each other, which allows for the creation of endless compositions for every need. It can be used as coffee table, side table or stool, both indoor and outdoor. It is available in Lecce stone. The Lecce stone is a limestone typical of the Salento region in South-East Italy, superbly suited to withstand severe weather conditions.  Hexagon is also available in okoumè wood.  Material as inspiration Brioni is a collection of poufs, lounge armchairs and daybeds named after a famous archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. They resemble small islands rising out of the sea.  Their design features a dark band on the lower part that prevents direct contact between the ground and the upholstery. The upholstery is made of Sunbrella® fabric: stain-resistant, breathable, resistant to UV rays and water-repellent. They are soft and comfortable thanks to flexible polyester padding and plastic slats, enclosed in water-resistant housing. Light and easy to move, they can be used to create countless compositions outdoors, experimenting with different shapes, colours and sizes.  Sense for details Collection DALA takes inspiration from the artisanship and improvised seating arrangements of the developing world.  Surface and structure merge in this versatile collection by Stephen Burks, each piece starting as a powder-coated frame of aluminum mesh through which DEDON’s master weavers thread colorful strands of  new ecological fiber.  Stool /Side table: Lightweight and easy to move around, this comfortable, high DALA stool is great for casual seating.  With its color-coordinated glass top, it can also be used as a side table.  Hand woven upholstery cover Tide is a pouf with hand woven upholstery cover. The Rope cord gives to the surfaces exceptional texture and appearance. These cords are produced with Rope and are sewn or hand-woven directly onto the structure of some furniture pieces.  Even simple object can be a striking project Berry Berry  is a poufs available in two dimensions with  inside cover in fabric  and outside cover in hand woven braids.  Outside upholstery cover is removable, available in one- or two-colour flat braid in Rope yarn.

Pouf is a small piece of furniture for seating. It can be made of different materials (wood, polyethylene, metal …).

Although small this item is the inspiration for many designers.

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Salone Del Mobile, First Impression

Salone Del Mobile 2018 is behind us. Many new products were launched during the Salone, many creative ideas presented.

The specialists say that there have been many and varied style approaches, from organicism to a return to the classic, to a search for purity and fantasy.

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Trends in Public Seating Design

Furniture items for outdoor public spaces include a wide range of products: seating, sunscreens, different compartments, ashtrays, trash bins, planters, Information mediums, bicycle stands and many others. The popularity of different chargers for IT devices nowadays increasing. Among furniture elements, the most numerous are seating items. Their design solution depends on the purposes so one type of seating will be suitable for the sports facilities and for the restaurant terrace the other one. Also, size and type of outdoor public seating depend on the age of the users: in the kindergarten, they will be adjusted to the age of the children and in parks will be adjusted to the ergonomic requirements of the adult users.

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Trendy Colours for Furniture

At the end of last year, it was announced by Pantone Color Institute that PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet will be a colour of the year 2018.

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Trend Research: The New Way of WorkingMy Writing Desk, designed by Inesa Malafe for EMCO

The New Way of Working: Today, work is, apart from the office, done from home, restaurant, car... – in one word, from any place, so the work only from the office is long forgotten. The number of people who chose the “home office” increases on a daily basis.

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